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Serious Skin Care Olive Oil Moisturizer

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    Serious Skincare Olive Oil Moisture Cream For Face And Neck, 2 Ounce
    Beauty (Serious Skincare by Jennifer Flavin Stallone)

    Serious Skincare by Jennifer Flavin Stallone

    List Price: $29.50
    Price: $21.77
    You Save: $7.73 (26%)

    • Ideal for daytime use or in the evening underneath the Moisture Replenishing Oil
    • Developed with first-pressed virgin olive oil and other rich ingredients
    • Easily sinks into the skin to provide daily moisture
    • Helps skin no longer feel dry and dull. It looks fantastic and feels great, helps skin feel smooth and hydrated.

    Serious Skincare Olive Oil Replenishing Message Body Oil ~ 8 oz
    Beauty (Serious Skincare)

    Serious Skincare

    List Price: $29.36
    Price: $28.49
    You Save: $0.87 (3%)

    • Helps skin look and feel younger and deeply hydrated
    • Helps replenish the moisture in dry/stressed skin
    • This rich, warm, golden moisturizing oil slowly sinks into the skin, helping dry and dull skin look and feel luscious and glowing.
    • Enriched with first-pressed olive oil, olive leaf extract and hydrating lipids

Natural Treatments for Skin Problems During Pregnancy

Olive oil applied straight to the skin during pregnancy may help prevent severe stretch marks from forming, and using olive oil in the intake may improve skin health in general. Furthermore If you have trouble finding an all-illegitimate tinted

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Our best beauty finds for June 2018: The top skincare, hair and makeup products

With summer quickly heating up, our June best beauty finds list is a bounty of lesser-known cosmetic and wellness companies with new offerings safe for all to use.

The items we sampled hone in on organically sourced and safe ingredients, many of which are made with essential oils and we also included some brilliant travel sized items and useful targeted skin treatments that were perfectly made for the summertime.

Less is always more in the hotter weather, and especially your hair needs a bit more protection from all the elements, as the sun and chlorinated pool water can really destroy color-treated strands. Unless you are devoted to wearing hats all the time, your head really gets the brunt of the sun’s damaging rays.

A lot of the items we found are made for hikers, campers and anyone traveling who needs a kit of skin and hair survival items.

Product of the month

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