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Serious Skin Care Olive Oil Moisturizer

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    Serious Skincare Olive Oil Replenishing Message Body Oil ~ 8 oz
    Beauty (Serious Skincare)

    Serious Skincare

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    • Helps skin look and feel younger and deeply hydrated
    • This rich, warm, golden moisturizing oil slowly sinks into the skin, helping dry and dull skin look and feel luscious and glowing.
    • Helps replenish the moisture in dry/stressed skin
    • Enriched with first-pressed olive oil, olive leaf extract and hydrating lipids

    Serious Skincare First Pressed Olive Oil O3 Mega Omega 3 Restoring Beauty Therapy by USA

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Natural Treatments for Skin Problems During Pregnancy

Olive oil applied straight to the skin during pregnancy may help prevent severe stretch marks from forming, and using olive oil in the intake may improve skin health in general. Furthermore If you have trouble finding an all-illegitimate tinted

Winter wonders for less than £5

Winter wonders for less than £5 The smoothest scrub: Exfoliation removes the paralysed skin cells that can make your face appear dull, but there's no have occasion for to spend a fortune on something that is on your face for less than 30 seconds. Naturally Exhilarated Brightening Micro Luxe body

Dealing with the after-effects of chikungunya on the skin

Not just chikungunya management, doctors are advising that people who are on the road to recovery after the ailment need to take special care of their skin and immunity to ensure a good quality of life, and a faster and full recovery.

Dengue, malaria and chikungunya, caused due to the Aedes mosquitoes, are characterised by prolonged fever, joint pain, and body-ache. Although these are some of the common symptoms, it is the after-effects and consequences that affect the health of the person dramatically. Skin rashes are the most common issue. If aggravated, they lead to melasma or facial hyperpigmentation due to extensive scratching over the area.

According to C.M. Guri, dermatologist, Venus Clinic: “Skin rashes occur in every viral infection. The rash is asymptomatic in about 80 per cent of patients, and the remainder may complain of mild itching of the skin. The eruption most frequently appears on the first two days of the onset of fever, but may appear simultaneously with fever or after fever subsides. Though itching lasts only for five to six days, in some cases, people often complain of hyperpigmentation on face nose, sun allergy (burning when going out in sun) and ulcers after the fever subsides. Therefore, it is important to take precautionary steps during this phase to avoid serious skin issues.”