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City should think twice

about municipal electric service

 It is sad what happened to the animal shelter. I am sure the people who pushed this change had the very best intentions and did their best to make it work, but it seems that the outcome was what happens in many instances. That is, when a group of activists based on a lot of emotion pushes for a change and doesn't evaluate all the downsides or chooses to oversimplify or ignore the possible outcome, things can go badly wrong.

 It seems that Pueblo might be on just another project that can have some nasty surprises and that is the push to throw Black Hills Energy out of Pueblo and have the city run its own electric utility.

 If the electric network falls apart like the shelter and city streets, it will have a much more adverse impact on citizens who think they can save a few dollars on electric costs. Might be worth paying a few dollars more to have a reliable power supply to your house.