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    Tylenol Simply Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid (25 mg), 100-Count Caplets (Pack of 2)
    Health and Beauty (Tylenol)


    List Price: $29.49
    Price: $26.07
    You Save: $3.42 (12%)

    • Helps you fall asleep fast so you can wake up refreshed
    • Safe and non-habit forming
    • Convenient larger bottle
    • Case of two bottles, each containing 100 sleep aid mini-caplets (total of 200 mini-caplets)
    • Contains pharmacist preferred sleep ingredient

    Tylenol Simply Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid (25 mg), 100-Count Caplets (Pack of 1)
    Health and Beauty (Tylenol)


    List Price: $15.12
    Price: $14.41
    You Save: $0.71 (5%)

    • Contains pharmacist preferred sleep ingredient
    • Convenient larger bottle
    • Safe and non-habit forming
    • Helps you fall asleep fast so you can wake up refreshed

Privacy Lost

No meaning how many bathrooms you have in your house, somehow all hair styling products, Band-Aids, Tylenol, and super soap have migrated to your bathroom shelf. And they must get their hands on it NOW. Once, I'd neutral gotten in the shower,

Charges drag down J&J 4Q profit, but sales rebound

Among the recalls were tens of millions of bottles of children's and mature Tylenol and Motrin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Rolaids and Simply Sleep pills. The instruction drug recalls have included HIV medicine Prezista and epilepsy bolus Topamax.

Stopping coughs, the natural way

Stopping coughs, the natural way By Michelle Lloyd, I was sent some Zarbee's All-Sensible Nighttime Cough & Sleep Drink to review. My 4-year-old very rarely gets unconventional, but she has bad allergies that lead into sinus infections and nasty coughs. We never tried Tylenol

The Naturopath's Medicine Chest

Since this is a lifelike medicine chest, you won't find things like Advil or Tylenol. Everything in this strongbox will be Mother Nature's best remedy for what ails you. For vague well being, you need to keep colostrum on hand and take it every day,

32 medicines for kids recalled over possibly dangerous contamination

After some of their medications tested positive for microbial contamination, King Bio issued a recall for nearly three dozen medications for infants and children, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday.

The company said the recall was "out of an abundance of caution"

They said giving a child medication that has microbial contamination could make their infection worse or even cause life-threatening complications.

But the company said it has not yet received any reports of injury or illness from its medications.

Dr. Michael Hardin, a pediatrician at Family Medical Center in Orange Park, said the American Academy of Pediatrics in general says children should avoid over-the-counter medicationss when they can.

“They don’t advise using any over-the-counter cough or cold medications, especially children under 6 years of age,” Hardin said. “There are no directions on most over-the-counter products to know how to dose those,

Is Benadryl a safer sleep aid than Tylenol PM?

I have been taking Tylenol PM as a temporary sleep aid and have be told that Benadryl is a better option. Is this true and what type of Benadryl is recommended?

they have teh same sleep aid--tylenol also has teh pain killer

you can just get teh sleep ingedient alone insoemthing like nytol

what would happen if i take more than the prescribed dosage of Tylenol PM Sleep Aid?

I'm not sick or anything. Its just recently i've been having a very hard hard time trying to sleep at night. I end up sleeping at 5 or even 6 in the morning and waking up in the afternoon. I take the prescribed dosage it says on the box but it still doesn't

Please get off the Tylenol Pm, Advil PM, Bendryl, or Nyquil. They are SO addictive.That's why the recommended amount doesn't help you. Taking more will not help either. Just stop them, okay?
Try warm milk! It helps millions of people fall asleep

"you will not wake up anymore" if you will take more than what is prescribed

If you are taking the prescribe dosage, and it is doing absolutely nothing, then taking more won't help. Its like multiplying by zero, no matter how much you multiply it by, the answer is still zero. Technically, if you take enough, you could metaphorically