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    TBX-FREE Stop Smoking Aid One Week Supply (Menthol)
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    • Unlike nicotine gum or patches, our stop smoking aid doesn't contain addicting chemicals or carcinogens which normally prolong addiction. TBX-FREE is nicotine free and FDA registered for maximum safety and effectiveness.
    • So stop smoking now with the TBX-FREE stop smoking aid oral strip. We are so confident that we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Simply contact Redwood Scientific Technologies to mail your product back for a full refund. 28 strips included.
    • Our stop smoking aid is an oral strip solution that dissolves in 20 seconds and will quickly take the edge away before you break down and have a cigarette, they are small and discreet so take them anywhere and take it anytime you have an urge and quit smoking now.
    • TBX-FREE is an oral strip that contains cytisine, which unlike the competition, mimics the pleasure of smoking without any addicting chemicals.
    • Developed by scientists with amazing results, TBX-FREE quickly absorbs into the body and will quickly eliminate a need to smoke by providing the overwhelming sensation that you have already smoked a cigarette.

Quit Smoking: A New Case for Going Cold Turkey

Quit Smoking: A New Case for Going Cold Turkey The analysis found that smokers who used nicotine-replacement therapy in the form of patches, gum, inhalers or nasal sprays relapsed at the same reprimand as smokers who tried to quit without such aids. Nicotine-replacement therapy, or NRT, is designed to wean

Conservatory Outlet's 'Stop Smoking Day' Deemed A Success

Around 25 members of baton attended, each determined to make 2012 a smoke-free year in their lives. With very recently the aid of a whiteboard, employees of the double glazing firm took on management everything passed onto them by their Easyway representative with

Alabama in top five least “quit-friendly” states in US

Alabama in top five least “quit-friendly” states in US Jackson called losing the weekly meetings a prudishness, because most people tend to quit more successfully when they have a support group. “I'm still a big upholder of smoking cessation,” she said. “I went to the state true to try to get a smoke-free

Families First lauded for anti-smoking aid

in ration patients quit smoking. Toumpas, who is a former smoker, presented officials from Families First with an Modernization Award for its efforts in implementing an electronic feedback system called QuitWorks-NH. The system is a free checking DHHS

FDA Initiative to Reduce Nicotine Spells Potential for 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII)

This article is published in collaboration with Scutify , where you can find real-time markets and stock commentary from Robert Marcin, Cody Willard and others. Download the Scutify iOS App , the Scutify Android App or visit

FDA Initiative to Reduce Nicotine Spells Potential for 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII)

On July 28th, the FDA announced its intention to regulate the nicotine level in cigarettes and bring them down to safer levels. Shares in leading cigarette manufacturers stumbled as much as 19% as the market reacted to the agency's statement.

The intent of the new policy is to help smokers quit, and protect children from the dangers of addictive nicotine. Although the agency does not yet have a formal plan, it has officially stated that reducing the nicotine level is among its 'goals.' In an announcement, the agency's commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb enjoined, "We may be able to reach a day where the most harmful products are no longer capable of addicting our kids."

with all the money smokers pay in taxes shouldn't we be given free stop smoking aids like gum or patches?

why do we have to pay this money and never get anything back from it.

Then their gravy train from smokers would end.

Nobody has to buy cigarettes.

free stop smoking aids from the american cancer society?

i dont know about thatt but heres some free help t/PED_10_13X_Guide_for_Quitting_Smoking. asp .html


More people are getting cancer from the artificial sweetener 'Aspartame' than people realise. This is the most hideous additive going. Carcenogenic means causes cancer! (I may not have spelt that right! :-( ) So many people drink diet drinks, they're