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Money a better motivator to stop smoking than free e-cigs or quit aids

(Reuters Health) - Providing free electronic cigarettes or other stop-smoking products to employees to get them to give up real cigarettes is less effective than the threat of taking away a cash reward for quitting, according to a new study that weighs the effectiveness of a variety of workplace incentive programs.

The findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, call into question the claims by e-cigarette enthusiasts that the devices may be better than traditional quit aids at helping smokers to stop.

“Do they help people stop smoking? The answer to that is clearly no,” lead author Dr. Scott Halpern, of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, said in a telephone interview. “We cannot detect any evidence that they are better than offering free conventional smoking cessation aids or just providing information.”

The study is also significant because it may be the first to look at programs to get all smoking employees to quit, whether or not they’ve decided they want to do so.

with all the money smokers pay in taxes shouldn't we be given free stop smoking aids like gum or patches?

why do we have to pay this money and never get anything back from it.

Then their gravy train from smokers would end.

Nobody has to buy cigarettes.

free stop smoking aids from the american cancer society?

i dont know about thatt but heres some free help t/PED_10_13X_Guide_for_Quitting_Smoking. asp .html


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