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free stop smoking aids

Indiana Tobacco Quitline offers free medication to smokers interested in quitting

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is offering medication to help those interested in quitting smoking.

Users can receive a two week supply of nicotine replacement therapy, including gum or patches.

Smokers said it can be very hard to give up the habit, so they welcome any help.

Lisa Cooper has been smoking since she was 14-years-old.

She's tried many times before to kick the habit.

"One day I did wake up and I pitched them aside, and said I want to quit," said Cooper.

Cooper said she made it a whole year nicotine free and hopes to do it again.

That's why she said services like this are important to help others quit.

"It sounds like a good idea. It would help. Considering my side of the family, there's a lot of health issues. I mean my grandpa died from Emphysema," said Cooper.

Cooper isn't the only one who's tried several times to quit.

Alfred Irwin has been smoking for more than 35 years.

He's tried to quit three times, but has not been successful.

with all the money smokers pay in taxes shouldn't we be given free stop smoking aids like gum or patches?

why do we have to pay this money and never get anything back from it.

Then their gravy train from smokers would end.

Nobody has to buy cigarettes.

free stop smoking aids from the american cancer society?

i dont know about thatt but heres some free help t/PED_10_13X_Guide_for_Quitting_Smoking. asp .html


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