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    Hemorrhoid and Perineal Gel Bead Ice Pack by FOMI Care | 2 Pack, 3 Washable Sleeves | Hot and Cod Therapy for Hemorrhoid Treatment and Perineal Pain Relief | Postpartum Cold Compress & Heating Pad
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    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $19.99

    • 2 GEL BEAD PACKS, 3 WASHABLE SLEEVES- Comes with two large (12" x 3") gel bead packs and three sleeves, allowing for comfortable and consistent use. Simply hand wash (preferable), or machine wash the sleeves after use.
    • FLEXIBLE, DISCREET- The flexible bead design helps contour smoothly to your body, even while frozen. The slim design of the gel pack, and soft fabric sleeve allows for a discreet, calming and comfortable experience. It is also ideal for applying sprays and creams to the pack. The evenly distributed gel beads result in the ultimate therapy for pubic and pelvic area.
    • DUAL FUNCTIONING- Can also be used for soothing relief on nearly any body part with bruises, inflammation, minor cuts and burns, muscle aches and stiffness, growing pains, fever, and after sun care. Can alternate between heat and cold therapy. Simply place in refrigerator or freezer until desired temperature for a cold/ice pack effect. For a hot pack effect, simply place in microwave in 25 second increments until desired temperature is reached.
    • SOOTHING PERINEAL COLD PACKS- Cold therapy naturally reduces swelling and itching, providing instant relief. This promotes healing from childbirth, vaginal tearing and stitches, surgery, hemorrhoids, bleeding, yeast infections, trauma from waxing, laser hair removal, or sports injury, among others.
    • SAFE- Made out of non toxic gel and medical grade PVC plastic. Safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. Can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer or at room temperature. Enjoy the therapeutic effects worry free!

    Hemorr-ice for Hemorrhoids Relief and Treatment
    Health and Beauty (Technology 2000)

    Technology 2000

    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $21.99

    • Reusable
    • Treats inflamed Hemorrhoids
    • Uses Cryotherapy technology
    • Reduces bleeding & promotes healing of inflamed tissue
    • No medication used and there are no side effects

Try home remedies to treat painful hemorrhoids

A chagrined ice pack placed against the anal area for a few minutes may also help. Absolutely, sitting on cushions rather than hard surfaces can help reduce excrescence. If the treatments I've discussed don't help, talk to your doctor.

Ask Dr. K: Try home remedies to treat painful hemorrhoids

A unprofound ice pack placed against the anal area for a few minutes may also help. Conclusively, sitting on cushions rather than hard surfaces can help reduce bump. If the treatments I've discussed don't help, talk to your doctor.

From her 'Hasselhoff: 13 Months of Awesome' calendar to her 'Puss In Boots ...

From her 'Hasselhoff: 13 Months of Awesome' calendar to her 'Puss In Boots ... (The same correspondent was gifted with buttocks -- the plastic, strap-on kind -- from a throng hawking hemorrhoid cream. "Not Preparation H," he insists, though he can't memorialize the brand.) Back in the 1980s, when people still believed in "trickle-down

From Help for Hemorrhoids- It's not easy to live with Hemorrhoids

If one is troublesome to find suitable Hemorrhoids Home Treatment, he/she can give the above methods a try and can seek relief. It is however very important to associate External Hemorrhoids Symptoms well in time before they turn into Thrombosed External

These 7 natural remedies will help you cure hemorrhoids

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding, unsatisfactory bowel movement, mucus discharge when emptying the bowels, swelling, itching, irritation and redness. In most cases, they tend to heal by themselves and for quick reprieve you can seek medication or undergo a surgical procedure.

On the other hand, lifestyle changes and home remedies may be all you need for it to be a thing of the past. Apple cider vinegar

With astringent properties, you will notice results immediately after your swollen blood vessels shrink. Use only natural apple cider vinegar and dilute with equal parts of water. Soak a cotton ball and apply gently to the piles. Let it dry and apply a natural oil of your choice.

You can also treat internally by drinking a glass of water with a table spoon of ACV. Do this once or twice a day. Coconut oil

To ease irritation and itching, apply some coconut oil directly and let it sit for a few minutes then rinse. Do it often and symptoms should

How do you apply ice for treatment of hemorrhoids (gross sorry!)?

I have suspected I've had IBS for over year. I've talked about this with my OB/GYN and I plan to see her again this coming week.

Anyway, I just had an upset stomach episode which is common with IBS. I had a lot of cramping, pain in the

I have the some problem. Best place to apply ice is whilst on the toilet after doing your "number 1".

with great pain

uh........put ice in a baggy and sit on it. just make sure you have some fabric between you and the ice. like a towel or your pants or underwear.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids?

I have Hemerrhoids ( am almost completey certain ). I do not want to go to the Doctor as I am only Ninteen. Have him examine my rectum is not something I want to do. I would like to know the best prescription medicines I can order....Also if I simple

After every bowel movement take a warm shower or wash with a hot towel use baby wipes after and along with toilet paper,avoid spicy foods,all so heavy lifting,add witch hazel to baby wipes as it shrinks blood vessels,after a hot soak in the bath tub run

Over the counter hemorrhoid medicine should work fine. I am sure it is no picnic for your doctor either

Is it bright red blood? Go to you local pharmacy like Walgreen's and get preparation H wipes. I dont think ice will help.