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    Sitz Bath Hip Bath Tub Flusher Bath Basin Fumigation Medical Grade Seatz Bath for Pregnant Women Hemorrhoids Patients on the Toilet hip bath tub & flusher
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    List Price: $99.98
    Price: $99.98
    You Save: $78.99 (79%)

    • Made of Soft nano medical polymer materials, non-toxic, tasteless and durable. Universal type Wide contoured edges for added comfort, fits all standard commodes.
    • Helps treat hemorrhoids and other conditions in the anal and genital areas.
    • GUARANTEE OF 12 MONTHS: Buy with confidence. If anything happens to your sitz bath within the first 12 months of owning it, pls contact us, we will replace or compensate it at no charge to you. This includes coverage for discoloration, or damage in the material.
    • Design for easy cleaning bath without squatting .A Perfect shower Solution for pregnant women, hemorrhoids patients post-episiotomy patients and other people who could not squat.
    • Fumigation bidet will achieve the effect of smoke the first bath experience. Package included: 1*sitz baths basin, 1*flusher. Color: beige.

    douper Medical Grade Sitz Bath for Pregnant Woman Puerpera Hemorrhoids Treatment (Blue)
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    List Price: $27.99
    Price: $27.99

    • GREAT FOR ANYTHING THAT AILS YOU DOWN THERE- For treatment of hemorrhoids and other genital/anal problems, EASY TO USE
    • FITS MOST STANDARD TOILET SEAT AND COMMODE CHAIR- Dimension 16" x 12" x 6",design to fit most standard toilet seat and commode chair
    • UNIQUE VENT DESIGN- Water goes everywhere? NO! The water only drains out the hole into the toilet with this unique [hole], avoid wetting the floor! Can be hanged on the wall when not use, save space!
    • MOST DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE SITZ BATHS- Premium medical macromolecular material,BPA FREE! Not common plastic,high tenacity,Tough & non-rupture, lifetime use. One-batch forming,smooth to the touch, comfortable to use
    • EASY TO CLEAN- Macromolecular material, super smooth surface, very easy to clean after using.

Why hemorrhoids should not be ignored during pregnancy

According to him, pregnant women with hemorrhoids are treated based on the symptoms they affair. Pain killers are popular, but they do not cure and heal the condition itself. They take care of only temporary relief. The pain comes back as soon as the

Pregnant Rachel Uchitel studies Jenny McCarthy's baby book on bikini break ...

Pregnant Rachel Uchitel studies Jenny McCarthy's baby book on bikini break ... It covers a array of topics including morning sickness, mood swings, majority gain, pregnant sex, gasiness, constipation, haemorrhoids and stretch marks. The former Rou model's publication is billed as 'frequently raw' and 'laugh-out-loud funny'.

What Are Piles? What Causes Piles?

They are more garden-variety among adults aged between 45 and 65 years, as well as pregnant females. Males and females are equally susceptible to developing hemorrhoids. In the Brobdingnagian majority of cases, piles are effectively treated with OTC medications,

10 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

10 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids They are commonly at a loss with each other and accurate diagnosis of either is necessary to implement correct treatment. Chronic constipation matchless to straining, pregnancy and childbirth, lifting heavy weights regularly, unqualified for dietary fiber,

Treating Constipation: The Natural Way

Everyone at some point in their lives had to face the problem of “constipation” which becomes particularly painful if proper caution is not taken. It can be a burden both mentally and physically and can interfere with the daily routine of the person. Though constipation may be temporary, in some cases it may develop into chronic constipation. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), chronic constipation can affect around 2% to 27% of the US population.

Only a small portion of the patients suffering from constipation will seek medical treatment due to the high cost involved in the purchase of laxatives. Most of them will consider amending their diet plan or making use of natural treatment to curb the problem. But what actually is constipation, what are the common causes and how can we decrease our chances of suffering from this illness?

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a condition that primarily relates to the problems in the digestive system. In most cases, a person suffering from constipation will face difficulty in passing out faeces along with other minor symptoms. It usually happens when the colon absorbs an excess amount of water resulting in a slower contraction of the attached muscles which make it difficult to excrete out stools. Faeces as a consequence of it become dry and hard causing a lot of pain.

Any treatment that actually WORKS for hemorrhoids?

I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second, and I have had a problem with hemorrhoids since I was pregnant with my first and as soon as I thought they were going away, they got worse. My diet is fine, I clean thoroughly after every bowel movement, not having

Ligation therapy is supposed to be pretty safe and effective. I'm not sure if you could do it by yourself (obviously you'd need some help) or if you'd have to get a doctor to do it, but I expect it would be much safer and cheaper than actual surgery.

Wanna try aromatherapy?

My husband has this problem from time to time, and sometimes we have to go the doctor for it if it gets bad, but we try everything we can before it gets to this, try soaking in a warm bath with epsom salts, this seems to help him a lot. Also the round

hemorrhoids at 39 weeks pregnant?

i am 39 weeks and was so happy that i didn't have a problem with hemorrhoids because i've heard they're common during pregnancy...but this morning i realized i have one. it's awful and it hurts. i'm wondering though, i'm due in anytime now and want to

It will very likely get worse during delivery and yes, you will have to treat them.

The bad news is that now that you have them, you'll have them forever. The good news is that they are very easy to treat. Drink plenty of water, get

It will very likely get worse during delivery and yes, you will have to treat them.

The bad news is that now that you have them, you'll have them forever. The good news is that they are very easy to treat. Drink plenty of water, get

I am 37 weeks & just now got them...
the rn @ the hospital gave me stool softner & this expensive cream
it will help relieve the pain or itchyness most of them wont make them go away only help the swelling go away...